Short Sale Simplexity

short sale processShort sale can be win-win-win for sellers, buyers, and lenders.  However, it is not an option that homeowners should pursue lightly without knowledgable and dedicated professionals on their side.

While the concept of first getting a purchase offer and then getting a bank approval is simple, the actual execution of a short sale is mindboglingly inconsistent and inefficient.  This is understandable for an infant niche that is overwhelmed and rapidly changing.  However, to a homeowner who does not live and breath this niche, it can be extremely frustrating and disheartening.  Many simply give up and let their home go into foreclosure…please don’t.

Let me unravel the mystery by exposing some of the complexities behind a short sale transaction.  It is not atypical to have more than a dozen people involved in a single short sale transaction with only one mortgage and no other judgments or liens.  Plus, there are very little standardization across the board in terms of investor rules, investment vehicles, loan products, servicer processes, and mortgage insurance company guidelines.  Then, there are ongoing ownership transfers in both mortgage notes and servicing rights.  All of these complexities are normally under control in the capable hands of the financial institutions.

The current nightmare is caused by the compounding effect of the complexity and the overwhelming surge in mortgage delinquency due to recent housing market slump.  In light of the surge, lenders/servicers have outsourced, hired, and added new systems in such a rapid clip that integration and training are lagging so far behind, leading to much of the inefficiency and inconsistency.

It is this very reason that a homeowner needs professional assistance now more than ever to navigate the maze and make it through to the other end. Don’t despair, you’ve done the toughest part and found me!  Now all you need to do is contact MD Short Sale Real Estate and let me take care of it.  At last, something simple!



Many agents portray themselves as short sale specialists or experts regardless if they have real experience in short sales or not.  With your financial future on the line, it is too important to just take their word for it.  Please ask the agent for proof of the number of short sale listings that he/she has previously closed.  Hiring a listing agent with little to no real short sale experience is like hiring a bicycle repair person for major auto overhaul. 

Proof can simply be MLS printouts of all of their closed short sale listings over the past twelve months.  Make sure to look for the number of closed short sale deals, as active or under contract short sale listings speak little volume to the agent’s ability to get the job done.  Also make sure he/she is the listing agent on those closed short sale deals and not the buyer’s agent, as the burden of obtain short sale approval resides with the listing agent side and not the buyer agent side.




Our reputation is of the upmost importance to us because we generate a significant portion of our leads from word of mouth and Realtor referrals.  I hope that we have exceeded your expectation in handling your short sale transaction.  Feel free to browse our sample short sale success cases and see how we helped other clients obtain mortgage relief.  We greatly appreciate referrals from our past clients and we offer generous referral commission splits to fellow Realtors. You can rest assure that we will take great care of your referrals.

Execuhome-Realty-SIDE-AI_smallerPlease feel free to contact my broker ExecuHome Realty should you have any questions or concerns that I can not address.

Client Testimonials…

Lvg Rm w FPI was in dire financial straights and could no longer pay my mortgage. I was facing foreclosure.  I called Dan Grady at Execuhome to inquire about the short sale process.  Dan was extremely knowledgeable and walked me through the process.   Not only did Dan aggressively market my home and secure an offer, he went “above and beyond” to make sure that the closing went off without a hitch.  

Ivy Loui at Acacia Loss Mitigation handled the paperwork and negotiations with my mortgage company.  She too was extremely knowledgeable and was able to tell me exactly what to expect during negotiations.  She answered all my (many) questions along the way.  Most importantly, she was able to negotiate a full release with no deficiency from my mortgage company! 

I highly recommend Dan at Execuhome and Ivy at Acacia Loss Mitigation.  Thanks to their professionalism and dedication my short sale was a smooth process and they made this stressful time a little easier

- Vincent R. (Short Sale Home Owner)


9861 Bon HavenMy experience with your company was very pleasant. For someone having to deal with losing their home, it could be an embarassing situation…but working with you and your team of professionals made my circumstance seemed easy.

My burdens were lifted when I first met you and you explained all that your business/services offered. You were very personable which made me very comfortable with working with you. You posted my home to your websites; made contact with other Realtors; showed my home via virtual tours & pictures. Before I could really grasped what was happening I was sitting at the settlement table with the couple who were purchasing my home.

You did it all within 45 days of listing it and I incurred zero out of pocket expenses!  The whole experience make me want to refer anyone who was either in crisis with their home or someone just looking for a new home to you for assistance.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with the services you and your team provided.

As soon as I am financially stable I will definitely be in contact with you to begin my search for another home.  Thanks again for your exceptional service!

- Paul D. (Short Sale Home Owner)

IMG_1602After over two years on the market for short-sale with a ‘big name’ real estate company, my home had still not sold.  I had received two offers, but after months of waiting (with little response from my lender) both buyers backed out.  I decided to make a change and found Dan Grady and his team online.  This team saved my home from a fast approaching public auction date and within two months got an offer and closed the sale of my home thus eliminating my financial burden.  They truly proved their expertise in working with lenders to approve and complete short sales.  I am very impressed with how fast they were able to initiate and complete the process and also with how professional they were in handling everything.  I would absolutely recommend this team to anyone!

- Amanda W (Short Sale Home Owner)


Professional Testimonials…

Photo_VKats_headshotWorking with Dan Grady on a recent short sale was not only easy and painless but also very educational.  Dan and his loss mitigation team kept me and my buyers up to date on all of the developments with the file in a timely fashion and we never felt out of the loop.  As someone who is aware of the difficulties most agents have with short sales, I was very hesitant of the process especially given the fact that there were at least 2 lien holders involved.  However, Dan made it look easy.  Approvals came in no time and my buyers got their dream home all because of Dan and his team.  Just as important is the fact that I learned so much about the short sale process during this transaction and have been able to use the information in my own practice.  Thank you again Dan!

- Vladimir Kats (Realtor & Associate Broker), Passport Realty

Millie LloydThe Broker of Execuhome Realty referred Ivy Loui, of Acacia Loss Mitigation Services, to me.  At the time of the referral I had exhausted my ability to assist a client that had been trying to get an approval to sell her home through the short sale process.

 The process began in June 2009 when I received an offer for the property that had already been listed for sale for over 5 months. The property had a 1st and 2nd mortgage. I was able to obtain the short sale approval from the 1st mortgage, where settlement must occur prior to 10/15/09.  With the clocking ticking, it appeared that negotiations were going to end without approval from the 2nd mortgage.  The 2nd mortgage holder refuses to budge over a small difference of the payoff from the 1st mortgage and required the Seller to sign a $10,000 promissory note. It was at this point, frustrated and not willing to see my client not get approved for the short sale that I turned to Ivy for help on 9/26/09.

Ivy, clearly well versed in the process, stepped in and took over the negotiations. She has an in-depth knowledge of the loss mitigation process and understands the intricate details of how lenders respond in these critical situations. She was confident and patient in her approach, in what seemed to me to be an impossible task. Most importantly, with both me and the seller as her clients, she efficiently managed the remainder of the details required to bring the negotiations to a successful close. Ivy was able to accomplish all of this and allow the deal to reach settlement on 10/14/09, along with the waiver of the requirement that the Seller sign a $10,000 promissory note.

Ivy interfaced with the Seller helping her to understand what was required, getting her to comply immediately and with me explaining through-out the process the correct steps, which helped me better understand the correct way to assist a customer in this situation.  Ivy is a real professional, and I would refer to anyone needing loss mitigation services.

- Millie Lloyd (Realtor & Associate Broker), ExecuHome Realty

As a licensed settlement office I know that communication, with the agents to a contract, is essential to having a successful settlement.  This communication is even more vital when dealing with the complexities of a short sale transaction.  When working with Dan Grady of ExecuHome Realty, and Ivy Loui of Acacia Loss Mitigation, I know I will receive a complete ratified contract with all necessary information to make my job easier.  Both Dan and Ivy are very accessible and always willing to help with additional information if it is needed.  With their knowledge and help we get to the settlement table time and time again.  They are two pros who know how to take a short sale all the way to the settlement table.

- Kim Puller (Settlement Office), Sage Title

Dan Grady truly understands the ins and outs of a real estate transaction, and is by far, one of the most well versed realtors in dealing with distressed properties in the state of Maryland.  I am always impressed with Dan’s consistent communication, knowledge of the market and his expertise in handling all of his listings.  Working with Dan and his team is always a pleasure!

- Sofya Pokov, Esq. (President), Emerald Bay Escrow Services

If you need results, Dan Grady has the team to make it happen!

- Patty Robinson (Sr. Vice President), MBA Mortgage Services, Inc.